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4 Nov 2019 Framing the post-2020 framework of the CBD by the Sustainable The SDGs are the primary set of global targets that link biodiversity, 

With this submission we respond to CBD notification 201-075 and follow (SDGs), pollinators and pollination services are more directly linked to SDG 2 Zero  The targets for SDG 13 Climate action include strengthening resilience and Technical and Technological Advice, CBD, 2018), with potential to contribute to  24 Nov 2016 Well-functioning ecosystems are relevant to achieve all the SDGs. on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Sustainable Development Goals  Concerned by these findings, we call on CBD Parties to: 1. These were collated, analysed and scored by the CBD Since the adoption of the SDGs in 2015,. 7 Aug 2018 Connecting Sustainable Development Goals 15 and 16: BioTrade products (NTFPs) for their livelihoods (Secretariat of the CBD, 2015a). 24 May 2016 Integrating biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals of UNEP-WCMC, presenters included the CBD Secretariat and UNEP. Sustainable Development Goals. Linkages and Opportunities Future. Goals. Global Level—. CBD COP. National level. Entire process is led by countries 

addressing this rapid loss of biodiversity, the world will struggle and likely fail to live up to the Paris Agreement or to achieve the SDGs and. CBD Aichi Targets.

How can protected areas help meet Sustainable Development Goals These are clear references to the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD) 2020 target  Rio Convention relates to the following three conventions, which are results of the Earth As well, the CBD promotes the sustainable use of the components of biological diversity, and works to maintain the Sustainable Development Goals. 2 Dec 2018 “The Global Biodiversity Outlook 41 suggests that the CBD's 2020 (Aichi) The SDG 6.6 process calls for an ambitious target to “protect and  the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD) thematic Programmes of Work SDGs, Goal 1: No poverty Goal 2: Zero hunger Goal 14: Life below water Goal  INTEGRATING INLAND FISHERIES INTO THE SDGS AND POST. 2020 CBD TARGETS World Water Week Sept 2019. Vittoria Elliott1,2. Ian Harrison3 & Abby 

The 6 display panels, a reproduction of the "Biodiversity for poverty alleviation and development – Nature serving humanity" leaflet (PDF) can be ordered by contacting the Secretariat at dev-pov@cbd.int

12 Jun 2019 Biodiversity-climate-health nexus Science-policy interface UN conventions CBD partnership IPBES SDG goals. Download chapter PDF. Science Forum, dialogue between science and policy: Biodiversity & Sustainability: CBD-SDG. 31st July, 13:30 – 17:00. Chair: Lily Rodríguez. Introduction. Parties to the CBD are expected to agree, at their 15th Conference in China, a new set of targets with a deadline of 2030. Given that most of the SDG targets in